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Sales Training International is making changes to provide a better client experience for both buying and taking the courses.

First, the courses are being redeveloped in software that will enable them to work on all devices from PCs to smart phones. The updated courses have narration, music, sounds, and visual motion items and characters are now a part of the these courses. Learning activities continue to be the focal point. Downloadable materials are included and attached to each course.

Second, the ability to get discounts for smaller groups, to preview each of the courses before buying, and to select just the courses you want, or buy the complete curriculum at a discount is being made possible through OpenSesame where all our online courses are now being hosted and can be purchased by new clients.

However, until the transition is complete, please review the following options:

BUY Online: New clients select this button to preview the course(s) and buy online from OpenSesame. You will then continue to login on to take the course(s) you selected.

REGISTER using a Group Number: Current clients using a previously purchased group number select this button to register. For repeat visits use the "Login" button on the appropriate site.

STUDENT Login buttons below: Current clients select the "Student Login" button to sign in.

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