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Online Sales Management Training
Career Advancement Through Skill Development

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Learn Sales Management Online.com offers a unique blend of interactive web-based training courses, e-books and other sales management tools that create an incredible set of resources unparalleled in the industry.

Start with the vision of what you want to create and end with the practical step-by-step tools to evaluate performance.

Sales Training International's online sales management training courses provide you with the knowledge, skills and strategies you need to create and lead a sales team to unprecedented success.

Create a sales force second to none!

  • Knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to lead a highly productive sales force
  • Extensive sales management support materials to expedite implementation
  • "Sales Management Specialist" certificate to acknowledge your content knowledge competence
Interactive Courses
Support Tools

1. Interviewing and Selecting - Identify high potential candidates regardless of previous sales experience

Interviewing "T Form" Questionnaire with Question Pool
Sales Professionals Detailed Job Description

2. Performance Appraisal - Minimize the "Halo" and "Horn" effects with the ratings guide

Performance Appraisal Ratings Guide [50 Categories]

3. Goal Setting - Including three ways to "power up" your goals

Weekly Sales Goals and Ratios Form Pack
Goal Setting Form
Job Aid Checklist

4. Leading and Motivating - Creating and Leading a Motivated Culture - Vision, Mission, Values, Critical Success Factors and Goals that drive success

Checklist of characteristics of a Motivating Culture

5. Leading and Motivating - Management Methods that Motivate * - Ignite a singleness of purpose to create an achievement driven culture

Checklist and Descriptions of the Components of a Culture

6. Sales Coach - How to get results through the efforts of others

Curb side Coaching
Strategic Sales Plan - Checklist
Strategic Sales Plan - Full Workbook
Priority Prospect Project (P3) Participant's Manual
P3 Drill Sheet
P3 Trainer Manual
P3 Slides for Sales Managers to Teach Concepts

7. Effective Meeting Planning and Facilitating - Two parts: 1) Set it up: the details; 2) Make it happen: Personal preparation Planning and Facilitating Guide
Job Aid Checklist
8. Managing Expectations - How to create and change expectations without evoking anger

Job Aid Checklist

9. Business E-mail Etiquette - How to communicate responsibility using email in business

Job Aid Checklist

Only the above nine courses are required to earn the certificate. See certificate information link above.

Bonus Courses from LearnSellingOnline.com (Not required for certificate)

Teleblitzing - Strategy for rapid market penetration Ratio Management - Leverage key ratios for dramatic results
Funnel Management - Help your sales team keep your funnel filled with qualified prospects Time & Territory Management - Minimize travel and maximize selling time

LearnSalesManagementOnline.com specializes in distance learning and provides standard and custom Web-based sales management training (WBT). Instructor led sales, sales management and customer service courses, curriculums and classes are available from Sales Training International. Select gold button on the nav bar below.

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